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The golden pheasant, also known as the Chinese pheasant or rainbow pheasant, is a gamebird native to the mountains of western China. Although, they can also be obseved in other areas of the world, most notably the United Kingdom.

Golden peasants eat similarly to chickens, so picture a diet that consists of mostly grains and leaves, as well as the occasional insect or other invertebrate.

You can learn more about the golden pheasant on this golden pheasant Wikipedia Page, which is also where I got most of the information for this blog post

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The golden pheasant's scientific name, Chrysolophus pictus, is derived of Anicent Greek and Latin words. It's from the words khrusolophus, meaning with a golden crest in Ancient Greek, and pictus, meaning to paint in Latin.

The golden pheasant is also part of the order Galliformes. Birds in the order Galliformes are all types of chickens and smaller birds.

Adult male golden pheasant's tail accounts for 2/3 of their body length.
Chinese winters are moderatly cold, with tempratures fluxuatinf from 21F to 43F, which causes food to be considerably more scarce during the winter versus the summer. To compensate, golden phesants now gather near human populated areas on the edges of forests durnig winter to find food. Their diet in winter months consists of wheat, leaves and seeds, and leftovers from humans.

I used this website for most of these fun facts. If you're interested, you can go there to find out more.

Make sure to check out this neat photo of a flying golden pheasant, and this full body photo of a golden pheasant

Want to know what a golden phesane sounds like? Check out this Youtube video to her a golden pheasant's song. golden pheasant close up

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